Tinubu Has No Lagos Roots, I Know My Granddad’s House in Lagos, but Tinubu Doesn’t Know His – Bode George

Chief Bode George of the Peoples Democratic Party has claimed that the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, is not a native of Lagos State.

George spoke on Arise TV’s Morning Show on Tuesday, where he discussed Tinubu’s candidacy as well as the PDP’s internal issues.

He claims that the APC candidate has yet to prove his Lagos roots beyond a reasonable doubt and that he has failed to offer any documentation to back up his claim.

“Tinubu is not from Lagos State,” he stated. You may cite me. Which school did you attend if he says he grew up in Isale-Eko? I grew up on Lagos’ Evans Street. My granddad lived at 35 Evans Street. I attended a community school. I used to play football at the local stadium in Isale-Eko. That’s how people knew who I was.”

When asked if the opposition party will be able to overcome its internal crisis before the next election, George answered it would only happen if the party’s leadership “gives unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

He went on to say that from the party’s inception about 25 years ago, the North-Central, which presently holds the office of national chairman, has dominated the party’s leadership.

“It is not an impossible solution,” he added. All we’re saying is that Caesar should get what he deserves. Give us what is rightfully ours.

Turn by Turn Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian company. Take, for example, the fact that the first chairman was late Papa Solomon from North-Central.

North-Central is the second chairman. Audu Ogbe, North-Central, is the third chairman. Dr Amadu Ali, the fourth chairman, was from North-Central, as was Baraje from Kwara. You now have Ayu, who is also North-Central.

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“The South-West has never held this position since the party’s inception nearly 25 years ago.” What really is our crime?

“If you say you want to dominate this country, you must unite all the tribes and all the people.” That is the main issue, and until it is fixed, I will not vote for our candidate.”

You can read more of such stories at Credible News and The Cheer News

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