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Greensprings IB Diploma Community Promotes Education Through Book Donations for Oworoshoki School

Greensprings Community of IB Diploma, Lekki has further boosted primary education in Lagos State by donating books and other learning facilities to Oworoshoki Primary School.

Speaking to journalists during the books donation, one of Greensprings Diploma students, Miss Monalisa Dike said: “There are 11 of us representing Greenspring Community Diploma in our school. “It’s just a book drive that we decided to start because we looked around and thought about what we could do for the community around us. We are in a school and we see that other schools around us don’t have the facilities and basic necessities that we have, such as books. So we decided to start a book drive to promote education and help others achieve their goals in life. We believe it is very important and we are happy we were able to make a difference today.”

Samuel Osokutai said, ”What brought us here today are the books that we have. The reason we came here is to allow every student to have the resources they need to succeed in life, to have access to books and resources to be able to study and be able to succeed in their studies.

” The inspiration for this donation is that access to books is a global problem, not just in Nigeria but across the world. We are dedicated to allowing the children here to have access to books so they can study and have the resources that they need to succeed.”

Jasmine Adage added, ”I’m a Greenspring student as part of the Greenspring IB program and I’m here because our major aim at Greenspring is to promote holistic education and it starts with books. The process started in October and we asked for donations from the entire school, nursery to upper classes, to give us as many books as they possibly could because the primary school did not have as many books as they needed. In total, we received 723 books and notebooks as well. Some people also sent money or persuaded their parents to donate. After this, we would like to continue doing book drives or help schools that are underfunded with furniture, stationery, and other class materials. I have one more year at Greenspring school and I hope to continue making a positive impact.”

Mr. Agu Kelechukwu, the Class Coordinator for the IB Diploma from Greenspring School, stated: “The students were 100% behind this initiative. They came up with the plan, and I was there to support them. They drew the plan and went through each stage of it. I played a supportive and guidance role to them. This plan was achieved in less than a month. The original target was 100 books, but today we were able to get over 700 books, exceeding our goal. The donations were mostly from the students, and they also received support from their parents to raise funds for the initiative.”

Oyelabu Olufunke Adeola, head teacher of Oriwoshoki Nursery and Primary School in Lagos State, expressed gratitude for the generosity of the donors. She was thankful that they came to bless the school with storybooks and exercise books to aid in the reading and learning skills of the pupils. She acknowledged that many of the children come from less privileged homes and emphasized the importance of making judicious use of the donated materials. The school plans to allow the students access to the books in the functioning library and even take them home to read. The head teacher extended a heartfelt thank you to the IB Diploma students from Greenspring School in Lekki for their kind gesture.

In appreciation, Mr. Abayomi Benjamin, Supervisor for Health, said, “I’m here to represent Barrister Moyosore Ogunlero, the Executive Chairwoman of our Local Government. I’m here to deliver books, including storybooks and textbooks, from Greenspring Secondary School to our pupils at Oworoshoki Primary School. We greatly need these resources today, and we believe that with them, the students will excel. By reading these books, they will gain knowledge and understanding, and they will recognize the importance of education. I believe that the books provided by Greenspring Secondary School Lekki will have a significant impact on the students, helping them to comprehend the content and encouraging a greater appreciation for reading and education.”

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