UNILAG Lecturer Maintains Professionalism Amidst Provocative Sexual Advances

Professor David Aworawo, a lecturer at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), has disclosed how he maintained professionalism amidst provocative advances from a female student who had a carryover in one of her courses.

Credible News Nigeria reports that Aworawo told a final year female student: “She literally threw herself at me, but I wasn’t moved, even when she opened up her clothes to seduce me.”

Prof. David Aworawo, dean of the department of history and strategic studies at the University of Lagos, while speaking live on Arise News on Sunday, said the incident occurred seventeen years ago when he was much younger.

He made this revelation when Dr Reuben Abati, the anchor, inquired about Prof. Aworawo’s opinions regarding the female students who had been sexually harassed by their professors.

Heaping part of the blame of sexual harassment on indecent dressing by some female students, the University don suggested that there should be a dress code for attending lectures on campus.

He averred that it is not acceptable for students to dress provocatively in order to disturb the professors.

Buttressing his points, Aworawo reiterated: ” I have been sexually harassed in the past. It was a final year student who had a carryover and believed she must pass at all cost.

“She literally threw herself at me, but I wasn’t moved, even when she opened up her clothes to seduce me.”

The incidence of male lecturers sexually harassing the female undergraduates has been on the rise lately.

Education has been delivered through “tears” and tales of sorrow from female undergrads at the hands of sexist instructors at universities including the University of Calabar, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and the University of Lagos.

Recall that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof. Florence Obi, on Friday defended the actions of the institution towards addressing the sexual assault case against the Dean of the Law Faculty, stressing that the Institution followed due process.

The Vice Chancellor stated this in an interactive session with journalists in her office. She stressed that by setting up a fact finding panel, the management of the institution gave the suspended Dean of Law Faculty, Prof. Ndifon, an opportunity to defend himself.

The VC said, “We have followed all laid down processes as stipulated by the laws of the University of Calabar in this matter.

“We set up an investigative panel, which is for fact finding, it is not a disciplinary panel that should try staff, and there are different procedures in the trial of a staff.

“The best you can do for a staff is to set up an investigative panel, which is what we have done.

“If we believed so much of what the students alleged, we would have sent him to a disciplinary panel.

“We thought we were giving our colleague an opportunity to come before the panel and say his own story and the DVC chairs the disciplinary panel.

“From the fact finding panel, we will get to the disciplinary panel, so these are procedural processes. we have not violated any due process and will not violate any”.

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