Facebook Opens Nigeria Meta Office To Monitor February Elections

Meta, previously Facebook, has revealed plans to open an elections operations center in Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general elections.

It added that it was investing in people and technology to combat disinformation and remove harmful content from its applications in order to help achieve a safe and secure general election in the country.

It was revealed in an article titled ‘How Meta is Preparing for Nigeria’s 2023 General Elections’ by Adaora Ikenze, Head of Public Policy for Anglophone West Africa.

The business indicated that its work on the elections would continue in the run-up to, during, and after the vote.

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“As Election Day approaches, we will activate a Nigeria-specific Elections Operations Center focused on identifying possible threats across our applications and technologies in real-time, increasing our response time,” it stated.

“This effort will bring together specialists from throughout our firm on our intelligence, data science, engineering, research, operations, public policy, and legal teams.”

Meta said that part of its effort to battle disinformation and false news would include eliminating serious types of misinformation from Facebook and Instagram, such as content that could contribute to imminent violence or physical injury, or content meant to suppress voting.

It claimed that for the Nigerian elections, it would erase images and videos that erroneously represent ballot stuffing, acts of violence, or weapons.

Meta stated that it was collaborating with independent fact-checking organizations such as AFP, Africa Check, Dubawa, and Reuters.

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