WAEC Delists 50 Public and Private Secondary Schools For Malpractices

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has delisted 50 public and private secondary schools in Oyo State due to alleged test fraud.

Lanre Gbadebo, an educator located in Ibadan, recently revealed this to Ibadan-based journalists.

Olodo Community High School and Olodo Community Gramm Sch were two of the delisted public schools that he cited. Kasumu, Ajia Ilupeju Community High School, Alugbo, Osegere Olukeye Community High School, Osegere, Idi-Ito High School, Erunmu, Owo Community Grammar School, Oke-Olola, Oyo, Community Grammar School, and Kajorepo, Community High School, among others.

He claims that 50 secondary schools in Oyo State were delisted by WAEC for participating in examination fraud during the 2022 West African Senior School Certificate Examinations.

Gbadebo ascribed responsibility for exposing students to unfair exam methods on the state government.

He urged the administration to refrain from politicising education, which he characterised as a sign of growth.

The education specialist pointed out that cheating on exams was a widespread problem in the state’s secondary schools.

He declared: “Education must suffer when the government fails to supply basic teaching in schools. In a paper I authored two years ago, I bemoaned the impact of Oyo State’s investment in exam fraud.

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“That is what is happening right now. The current administration aims to show that despite investing in education, it did not effectively instruct students in schools. I am hoping we do it correctly,” he stated.

Gbadebo claimed that the South West states’ governors had failed their citizens by failing to provide high-quality education in schools

The Academic Staff Union of Universities’ (ASUU) proposal to close down schools through another strike was likewise denounced by The Educationist.

You can read more of such stories at Credible News and The Cheer News

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